GOOD Hair Mag
Good Hair Magazine is a modern cosmopolitan viewpoint for women with multi-textured hair. Aishia created Good Hair Mag with the intentions of recreating the the look and perception of the woman who chooses to embrace her mane in it’s natural state while living a life of choice and abundance. Good Hair is beautifully styled and well maintained, it is gorgeously cared for and humbly admired.

While GOOD Hair is our foundation we will also highlight fashion and beauty with a GOOD Hair twist.

Ankara print also known to many as African print has always been eye catching but these days it has become modern and über fashion forward. While there are many questions surrounding it’s authenticity one things for sure Ankara is a definite GOOD Gurl must have! The rich blend of colors and designs adds tons of texture and vibrancy to it’s cotton/cotton poly canvas. No matter day or night perfectly styled Ankara designed pieces are guaranteed to have any GOOD Gurl being looked over instead of over looked!

Wanna learn more about the history of Ankara check out this link!

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